Student Research Opportunties

Contact Dr. Dave Atkinson for information about graduate and undergraduate research opportunities. Dr. Atkinson is an active faculty member in both the Master of Spatial Analysis and the Environmental Applied Science and Management Programs.

Current Graduate Students

Katherine Minich, (PhD in Progress) Source Water Protection Policy Development in Nunavut - Policy Studies

Alexis Robinson, (MSA in Progress)Spatially Explicit Hydrological Model Evaluation for a High Arctic Watershed - Master of Spatial Analysis

Julie Robertson, (MASc in Progress) From Participatory Mapping to GIS: The Challenges of Using Technology to Depict Traditional Knowledge of Caribou - Environmental Applied Science and Management

Sarah Luce, (MASc in Progress) Trace Gas Modelling in Wet Sedge Ecosystems, Cape Bounty, Melville Island, Nunavut - Environmental Applied Science and Management

Past Students

Gillian Ramsay, MASc (2015) Spatial and Temporal Modelling of Biophysical Variables in a High Arctic Wetland

Colleen Middleton, MSA (2014) Change Detection and Modeling of Perennial Snow Packs at Cape Bounty, Melville Island, Nunavut

Briac Amundsen, MSA (2014) Modelling Biophysical And Carbon Dioxide Exchange Properties In The Canadian Arctic Using Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Indices

Rachid Ramoul, MASc (2014) Shoreline Changes At The Regional Scale In Tuktoyaktuk And The Mackenzie Delta, Calculated Using Landsat Satellite Imagery From 1985 To 2013. Environmental Applied Science and Management

Stephanie Murphy, MSA (2011) Assessing change to perennial arctic snowpack and the impacts on vegetation communities. Spatial Analysis

Alina Smalec, MSA (2011) Landscape and Vegetation Change in the Prudhoe Bay Oil Field, Alaska and the Possible Implications for the Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories. Spatial Analysis

Katherine Masun, MSA (2010) Lithological Discrimination Using Hyperion and Landsat Thematic Mapper Data: A case study at Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada. Spatial Analysis