Understory light analyses with hemispheric photography - Glen Stewart Ravine, Toronto
Fall arrives in a Red Oak forest - Kew Gardens Park, Toronto
Measuring soil water infiltration rate in a naturalization enclosure - Kew Gardens Park, Toronto
Hurricane Juan takes a toll on maritime forests - Point Pleasant Park, Halifax
Timber removal following the 2006 windstorm - Stanley Park, Vancouver
Sugar Maple dieback in a forested urban park - Allan Gardens, Toronto
Signs of spring appear on the forest floor - Kew Gardens Park, Toronto
Understory growth leads canopy leafout in a Red Oak Forest - Kew Gardens Park, Toronto
Blue sky on a spring afternoon - Kew Gardens Park, Toronto
Summer in the forest understory - Kew Gardens Park Naturalization Area, Toronto
A young Burr Oak emerges in spring - Urban Neighbourhood in Guelph
Cycle of decay and regrowth on the forest floor - Glen Stewart Ravine, Toronto
A natural intersection with the built environment - Somewhere in Southern Ontario
Chicory on the rural-urban fringe - Toronto
Tree identification tag on a hundred year old Red Oak – Kew Gardens Park, Toronto
Marking sample locations for understory light analyses - Kew Gardens Park, Toronto
Andrew Millward collects soil compaction profiles – Exhibition Place, Toronto
Sample location for soil analyses  - Kew Gardens, Toronto
Red Oak seedling survives its first year - Glen Stewart Ravine, Toronto
Canopy spread measurement - Glen Stewart Ravine, Toronto
Urban infill and tree protection zone (TPZ) signage - Somewhere in Toronto
Sumac in late autumn – Somewhere in Toronto
Bark stripping of Sugar Maple by Grey Squirrels - Allan Garden's Park, Toronto
Measuring the diameter of a Littleleaf Linden – Ryerson University Campus, Toronto
Changing of soil nutrient probes – Exhibition Place, Toronto