Recent Graduate Student Supervision




Azan, Shakira 2011 “Invasive Aquatic Plants and the Aquarium and Ornamental Pond Industries” (co-supervision, MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         PhD candidate, Queen’s University (Dissertation: The effects of the invader, Bythotrephes longimanus, on zooplankton communities in calcium poor environments)


Bamfo, Eli 2007 “’Sustainable but Just on the Edge’: The Strength and Fragility of the Commercial Whale-watching Industry in the Lower Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]  [REPORT]

·         Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator, Compass Group


Benedetti, Lisa S. 2013 “Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) as a Fisheries Management Tool for the Nassau Grouper (Epinephelus striatus) in Belize” (MASc; thesis) [ABSTRACT]

·         Project Associate, Coastal Ecosystems Programme, Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH), United Nations University


Bhatta, Chet 2013 “An Evaluation of the Sagarmatha National Park Forestry Project, Khumbu, Nepal: A Community Stakeholder Approach” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         PhD candidate, University of Kansas (Dissertation: Hive collapse in Asian honeybees)


Botticella, Lisa-Anne 2007 “Examining the Contribution of Toronto's Press in Maintaining an Environmentally-Detrimental Social Paradigm, 2003-2006” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Supervisor, Service Programs, Toronto Water


Brown, Collingwood 2013 “Environmental Management in the Film and Television Production Industry” (co-supervision, MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Underwriter, Contract and Commercial Surety, Travelers Insurance


Capotorto, Antonia 2008 “An Ecological Assessment of Invasive Plant Species in Constructed Wetlands of the Greater Toronto area” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Project Officer, Environmental Assessment Branch, Ontario Ministry of the Environment.


Cook, Michelle 2011 “Willingness to Pay and Tourists’ Conservation Relationships: A Case Study of Chitwan National Park, Nepal” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Water Resource Planner, Urban Systems Ltd.


Dashkova, Tatyana 2012 “A Study of E-waste Programs: A Comparative Analysis of Switzerland and Ontario” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         ??


Drumm, Aydan 2013 “An Examination of the Roles and Responsibilities of Tourism Industry Stakeholders and the Opportunity for Collaborative Destination Management in Santa Catalina, Panama” (co-supervision, MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         ??


Kozlowski, Anika 2012 “Sustainability in the Fashion Industry: A Multiple Case Study Review” (co-supervision, MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         PhD candidate, Ryerson University (Dissertation: Sustainable consumption and business innovation in the apparel industry)


Makarenko, Valeriia 2010 “Changes in Nearshore Benthic Communities on the Canadian Side of Lake Ontario: An Exploratory Analysis” (MSA; major project paper)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Senior Analyst, GIS Strategic Planning & Information Management, Scotiabank


Mandula, Melissa 2005 “The Effects of ISO 14001 on Corporate Financial and Environmental Performance” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Environmental Specialist, Senes Consultants Ltd.


Miller, Learie 2004 “An Evaluation of the Applicability of Landscape Patch Analysis Using GIS to Evaluate the Centreville Creek Sub-watershed in Ontario” (MSA; major project paper)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Resource Planner, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority


Otke, Zachary 2008 “Developing Habitat Suitability Index Models for the Wood Frog (Rana sylvatica) and Boreal Chorus Frog (Pseudacris triseriata maculata) in the Foothills Parkland Natural Sub-region and Bow River Basin, Alberta” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Project Scientist, SNC-Lavalin Environmental


Page, Daphne 2014 “Analyzing Communication Networks in a Budding Industry:  Rooftop Urban Agriculture in Toronto” (co-supervision, MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         PhD candidate, City University, London (UK)


Parson, Jessica L. 2010 “The Implementation and Communication of Source Reduction Policy and Initiatives by United States Federal, State, and Local Environmental Agencies” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. (Washington, DC)


Pullenayegem, Liana Anoushka 2008 “Environmental Justice and Project Development: The Sri Lankan Experience” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Environmental Planner, Senes Consultants Ltd.


Schofield, Jade 2011 “Comparing the Environmental Impacts of Diesel Generated Electricity with Hybrid Diesel-Wind Electricity for Off Grid First Nation Communities in Ontario: Incorporating a Life Cycle Approach” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Corporation of the Town of Ajax


Sule, Charles 2009 “Elements of Sustainable Canadian Food Consumption: Measuring Self-sufficiency” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         PhD candidate, Ryerson University (Dissertation: Discord among order: comparing consumer conceptions to the realities of alternative food networks)


Tan, Grace 2012 “Analysis of Strategies for Mitigation and Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Change in the Agricultural Sector in Northern Philippines” (co-supervision, MASc; thesis) [ABSTRACT]

·         Project Coordinator / Business Development, Maxxis International


Vernon, Hayley 2006 “Measuring the Effectiveness of Educational Instruments in Facilitating Environmentally Responsible Behaviour in Agriculture: The Canada-Ontario Environmental Farm Plan Program” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Parks Planner, Environmental Stewardship Division, B.C. Ministry of Environment


Wilson, Nicole 2013 “Comparative Analysis of the Agricultural Chemical Industry’s Environmental Disclosure Practices in Canadian and Indian Subsidiaries of Multinational Corporations” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Research Analyst, Fednav Ltd.


Wrobel, Caroline 2013 “Knowledge and Interpretation of Sustainable Tourism in the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal: A Comparison of Key Stakeholder Groups and Implications for Sustainable Tourism Management” (MASc; thesis)  [ABSTRACT]

·         Environmental Consultant , Dillon Consulting


In Progress


Alibhai, Nabila “Divergent Stakeholder Perspectives in the ‘Toronto 2030 District’: A Case Study of the Delphi Method for Dissensus-Focused Research” (MASc; thesis)


Kozlowski, Anika “Sustainable Fashion: Driving Innovation and Alternative Business Models through Design” (co-supervision, PhD)


Mnyusiwalla, Laila “Improving Urban Literacy in Youth: Assessing the Study of Urban and Regional Environment in Toronto’s Secondary Schools” (MASc; thesis)


Scott, Rhona “The Effects of Stormwater Treatment Ponds on Receiving Waters in the Grandview Subwatershed with Emphasis on Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community Composition” (MASc; thesis)


September 2014 entry


Harris, Brittany (MASc; thesis): environmental journalism


Santos, Caitlin Victoria (MASc; thesis): corporate sustainability


Sen, Ritam (MASc; thesis): urban forestry